Business Consulting

Starting your own business? Is your business stuck in a rut? Need help to streamline business processes?

Need help setting up your new business? Not sure how to move your venture to the next level?

Many people start a business based on a particular talent or set of skills that they can offer to others. Although these people may be very knowledgeable about their craft, more often than not, they don’t have the same level of skill in business. Many small business owners lack the knowledge of optimal business models, best practices to grow the business, important formulas and ratios to determine the actual health of the company, or the ability to anticipate the challenges that lie ahead.

Although these business owners will make sure that they have a legal professional to look over a contract and an accountant to make sure they’re filing their taxes correctly, rarely do they hire a consultant to help them run their business effectively and profitably. That is why we hear that about 95% of startups don’t last 10 years. To the business owner’s defence, the cost of hiring consultants is usually too high for the business owner to afford. This forces them to try to figure it out on their own and eventually fail. Consigliere is changing that. We believe that proper guidance is vital to every organization.

Consigliere Accounting and Business Services is providing strategy, marketing, and business consulting services at very affordable rates for small businesses. You will benefit from tremendous business knowledge, vision and experience – which our business consultants directly tailor to your organisation. We offer our services through consulting, coaching, and training services that address your needs.

Want to make sure you’re off to a good start?